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We are delighted to announce, Hamworthy Utd FC now has a new official website which is up and running with more details/info being added.

You can access this here:

This current website will not disappear, but there will not be any further updates to it.

The shop page will remain operational, so if there is anything you require, it's business as usual. Also, if there are any matches where tickets are available online, they too will remain purchasable from this site. (You will be directed to the shop page from the new website).

If you have any questions Hammers related or just want to get in touch, there is an e-mail link on the home page. Simply click and then send your e-mail to us ( though as I said, this site remains and therefore the contact avenues will remain too.

So please update your favourites sites address to the new web address and take a look around.

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