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Hammers now have a VEO camera!

Thanks to the very generous donation from the family of a past Treasurer, the club has been able to purchase a VEO camera for use by all the club. A great legacy and hopefully benefit for all the teams.

Will take a few runs to get things right and learn how to utilise the software to its full potential, but we have the people and know how to do this.

Couple of goals below (apologies for any offence from any bad language heard, volume off will solve that) from the final match of that pesky year 2020 played last night and what a goal fest!!! Unfortunately, the Under 23s relinquish top spot in the league after ending the wrong side of a 5-6 scoreline, going down to a very late winner. The match ebbed and flowed, Hammers going 2-0 up then 2-3 down by half time. Levelling up with the first video but then falling 3-5 behind. A comeback started and the 2nd video shows the equalising 5-5 goal.

Very enjoyable to watch and great to see a crowd of 78 on a grim night.

MERRY CHRISTMAS HAMMERS fans and to all visitors also, let's hope 2021 is better and we can hopefully finish this season which promises so much.

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