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By Rob Bird

If there’s one reason to brave the cold and wrath of storm Ciara, watching quality football is a contender. Hamworthy have been producing some memorable performances of late, spurred on by the exceptional individual ability of players like Tony Rolls, who we caught up with this week to discuss all things Hamworthy.

“In terms of performances we’ve been playing some good stuff of late, dominating team’s week in, week out. It’s just been frustrating sometimes not getting the results our efforts deserve.

“We’ll go and get a good result, and then not follow it up the next week. It’s just that bit of consistency we need, but we’re working hard in training to improve that”.

Rolls described Hamworthy’s season thus far as “rollercoaster like”, some highs, followed by some steep lows. However recent results have been enjoyable for players and fans alike, and it was interesting to divulge whether this is down to any tactical changes, implemented by Sills.

“We always train and prepare differently depending on who we play, but really our main focus has just been around ourselves as individuals and our qualities. We’re capable of beating any team in this league, so if we can just get the basics right, individual brilliance will take care of the rest”.

Rolls himself has always been in fine physical shape, something obvious when watching him play, his stamina rarely exhausted. However, unlike most people’s ‘new years resolutions’ committed to smashing the gym and eating clean, Rolls’ is a little different.

“I need to take more care of myself, I work a very physical job and it can be easy to burnout. Since Christmas I’ve been focusing on improving my rest and recovery regime, as so I can perform my best on the pitch”.

Aside from rest and recovery however, there’s one exercise Rolls swears on, which always helps his body perform at optimum capacity.

“I usually work before matches, but I always try to get 10 minutes in on the exercise bikes, allowing my leg muscles to be warmed up. As well as this, it’s crucial to eat the right foods, lots of carbohydrates and protein to aid recovery”.

Some might see exercise before a game unusual, but if not, you’re bound to think that Rolls’ choice of ‘footballing idol’ is. Regardless, he was still quite the player.

“People always give the same answers for this, Messi, Ronaldo… or for me (a centre back) Van Dijk. However, I always loved watching Ledley King growing up. He always seemed to get injured but was never phased by it and always returned to the field just as strong. My story in many ways is similar”.

As much as he’s idolised by Rolls though, King didn’t make his ‘dream five a side team’, although his defensive replacement isn’t exactly bad either.

“GK: Casillas, DEF: Maldini, MID: Zidane, MID: Ronaldinho, ATT: Messi. Obviously very attacking but Maldini was so incredible he could hold down the defence on his own, the others all speak for themselves”.

The force behind any good team though, is the loyal fans that support week in, week out. To you, Rolls had a message:

“Please continue to support us as you always have, we know as well as you that this season has been like a rollercoaster, but your support always gives us that extra boost and drives us to the finish line. You’re incredible and I wanted to say a big ‘thank you’ from myself and the team for being beside us all the way, we will keep giving everything we have for you, and the badge.

“Up the Hammers”.

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