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FEATURE: Jamie Gleeson Interview

By Rob Bird

The classic, cold rainy night in Stoke fixture for many teams brings an array of difficulties, but for Hamworthy and Tim Sills the bitterness of winter has seemed to of brought about some fine form. This week we spoke to Jamie Gleeson.

“Recent form has been much better of late, we’re turning a corner and are headed in the right direction, but we need to continue cutting out silly mistakes from set-pieces, which have let us down previously. The first half of the season looking back was bitty, we are a good side and don’t ever get outplayed, and if we can continue to improve under Sillsy we’ll be a force to be reckoned with”.

Alongside Hamworthy’s upturn in form also comes a change of position for Gleeson, one he feels positive about going into the second half of the season.

“I’ve moved from left back to midfield and Fawzi has gone the opposite way, a change I think has worked well for us. I know Fawzi can play well in midfield, but he’s exceptional at left back. I’ve played most my career in midfield throughout League 2 and Conference South, so I’m very comfortable and used to being slightly more offensive”.

One thing that’s fairly blatant throughout the Hamworthy ranks is that fitness has not suffered over the Christmas period, Sills clearly keeping the turkey and beer under lock and key. However, Gleeson’s New Year’s resolution aims to see him go one further.

“My resolution is to get super fit, I want to be able to always bring my best to every game, and to do that my stamina needs to be as good as possible.

“Alongside that, I believe you have to be organised before any football game, if you feel prepared both mentally and physically you will play better”.

Some players who were clearly always prepared can be seen throughout Gleeson’s dream 5-a-side team. You have to say, it’s quite a force:

“GK: Peter Schmeichel, DEF; Jamie Gleeson, MID: Lionel Messi/ Dennis Bergkamp, ATT: George Best – unplayable”.

One player who doesn’t make the cut though is David Beckham, or does he? Gleeson well renowned as his lookalike:

“I’m grateful to have worked with him for seven years, on shoots all over the road, David is a very good man!”

Who knows, maybe Becks will ditch the Miami dream for the Hamworthy one, alongside himself in the middle? But for now, Hamworthy are doing just fine, largely thanks to the application from players like Gleeson, and the overwhelming support from you, the fans.

“With Hamworthy for me, it’s in my heart. My first house was in Hamworthy and it was the first team I ever played for, so I’m proud to wear the shirt. I’ll more than likely end my career here, so as long as I have your faith and support, I will give everything for this club for as long as physically possible.”

“Thank you for everything – Up the Hammers!”

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