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FEATURE: Fawzi Saadi Interview

By Rob Bird

Hamworthy’s latest 3-2 victory away at Portland symbolises a huge step in the right direction leading on from some difficult matches, and one player who’s helped Tim Sills’ side back to form is Fawzi Saadi, who we had the pleasure of talking to this week:

The signing of Fawzi was met with great expectation and he delivered with a fine freekick to announce himself to the fans. Since then it’s been a trickier period for the club on the field.

“Since my arrival we’ve produced some very good performances as a club, however defensively we need to keep improving, as we’ve let in too many soft goals. Attacking though we’re a massive threat and can beat anyone on our day.

“We’re definitely capable of fulfilling our ambitions and finishing high up in the league this season”.

Upon arriving at Hamworthy in October 2019, Saadi brought a wealth of talent and experience into Sills’ midfield, having played at an extremely high level with AFC Bournemouth.

“As a player my main goal is to lift the team spirit and encourage and help youngsters to achieve their full potential, while also adding to the on-field talent on matchdays.

“Many of our players are exceptional, it’s difficult to single one individual out because we play as a unit”.

Having played football at a higher level, it was interesting to see how Saadi prepares for games, both in diet and also whether he has any superstitions"

“I don’t really have any superstitions, but for me it’s all about preparation; recovery, sleep and diet are all absolutely crucial in the run up to performing.

“Before any game I always try to drink loads of water so I’m fully hydrated, and I always eat chicken pasta which is high in protein and allows sustained energy release throughout

the game”.

Currently in 12th position after 20 games out of 38, Hamworthy find themselves in a position primed for attack.

Furthermore, with upcoming fixtures against strugglers Tadley Calleva, Brockenhurst and Fleet Town. Tim Sills will be hoping to get some consistent points on the board.

For Saadi however, just as important as all the preparation in the world, is the exceptional support from Hamworthy’s loyal fans on game days. To you, Saadi wanted to share his thanks and appreciation:

“Firstly, I want to wish all the fans a very happy new year. We are very thankful for all your support week in and out, and as a player I ensure you I will work as hard as I can to continually improve upon my weaknesses


“Up the Hammers”.

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